English drama club "Spot on"


Our new English-speaking drama club "Spot on" is for students interested in combining acting and the English language. The language used in this course will be predominantly English. This club is for students from grades 8-12 (8-K2). We are going to rehearse and present 1-2 short plays on stage. Practising English and learning the basic skills of acting (speaking loudly and clearly, working on one's character and using the different parts of the stage effectively) will be the main focus(es) of this course. Of course the fun to change into crazy, funny and bizarre characters will be just as important.

Three public performances at the end of the school year will be a great experience for anyone being part in the production (technicians, prompters and actors/actresses).

Interested students: Please contact Joachim Krüger (email: j.krueger@gymnasium-altensteig.de ).

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